Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deposit PAID!

Sunday we finally did it ... paid our deposit to start the process with Metricon.

We have spent the last few weeks going back and forth, adding and subtracting (but mostly adding) things into and initial budget and making a few changes here and there of the floor plan. 

We've managed to get a good blend of features, and so far remain in budget, we've managed to be able to include raised ceilings, frame less shower screens, window splash back in the kitchen, free standing bath ... so all the nice things!

So now we can expect the engineers soil testing etc to be done in the next two weeks and we should have the report within the next six weeks. In that time we get to go in and have our pre-selection appointment and the fun can begin!  At this stage we're looking at no more than 11 months for the whole process to take place but I'm hoping that because things are a bit quieter on the building front things can happen a bit quicker ... fingers crossed anyway!