Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just a Small Update

We went by today and had a sticky beak in the windows, only to see that our garage door is on and we also have the stone bench top!!  Here are some photos, best I could get from outside!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Painting and Tiling!

Here are the photos from our walk through this morning:

Main Bathroom




Sunday, April 21, 2013

LOCK UP!!! 11th April 2013

Well we actually entered Lock up a couple of weeks ago but I've been too crazy busy at work to update this, plus now that we are in lock up and daylight savings has ended I cant get to site before the sun goes down to take photos and I don't really want to go over with a flashlight, that may look a bit suspicious!  But we have a meeting with the Site Supervisor tomorrow to have a look at the progress so far so I'll have more photos for you then no doubt!

But here are some from the last couple of weeks.

I LOVE our front door!!!
These photos are ones that I took through the window two Saturdays ago on my way to work, on Monday the skirting boards where getting started and the tiles had been delivered.
Our Kitchen cupboards and pantry!

This one I managed to squeeze my phone through a very tiny gap in the window and take a photo of our ensuite and walk in.
 The only other thing that happened this week was our storm water and because of the system that we are going with they had to change our downpipes from the streamline square set to a round one which don't look as good but it's better than having your house flooded!

I've also noticed with the cooler weather coming that our front render is very reflective depending on how cloudy or sunny it is.

This was taken on an overcast day where it looks a bluey/grey colour

And here it's a sunny day where it's a very warm tone.
I'm undecided as to how much it bothers me just yet, will have to see once we get in there and have the garden in if that changes it at all.  Luckily it would be easy to repaint if my perfectionist streak got the better of me!