Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just a Small Update

We went by today and had a sticky beak in the windows, only to see that our garage door is on and we also have the stone bench top!!  Here are some photos, best I could get from outside!


  1. Hi I have been following your build for a while but have only just seen that you are in Richmond is that correct? Are you in the 1 in 100 flood zone? I am about to start building in Brooklyn Park and am in the flood zone and am worried about how high the slab is going to have to be and how much extra it is going to cost? What happened with your slab and footings?

    1. Hi, we didn't have too many additional costs as far as the footings are concerned, but our stormwater is a fully enclosed system with a sump pump. The piping we did through Metircon for around 3k I think and the sump pump we'll do ourselves as it's pretty straight forward.