Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Months ...

It has been two months today since the slab was poured! Crazy when you think about how far we've come in that time!  It's great seeing so much progress and seeing all the little bits and pieces come together!

This week they've finished the flushing on the internal walls and have started on the cornices, they've done the hallway, living/dining/kitchen, study and the two bedrooms.  So just the master bedroom, garage and bathrooms to go. 

They also fixed up our portico wall this week and have done a beautiful job about it!

Can't wait till we're at lock up!  Though then I'll have to settle for looking through windows each day rather than doing the walk through!  But that's the price we must pay for progress!

Monday, March 25, 2013

And we're onto the inside!

With the roofing, bricking and render finished they've started progress on the inside last week.  We had the electrical, noggins, insulation and finished off with the internal walls going in over the weekend. 

The area near the front door that hadn't been rendered wasn't meant to be rendered, the brickies made a mistake, our site manager picked up on it before we actually did and has organised for it to be replaced over the next week without any interruption to the internal progress.

So here are this weeks photos!


At this stage they are hoping to have most of the big things finished by May so then it's just a few final touch ups before hand over hopefully something late May or early June!  The only thing that could hold it up would be if there are any cracks/chips in the stone bench tops and they need to be reordered ... so fingers crossed that doesn't happen!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Roofing and Rendering!

This week has been all about the roofing and rendering which was a pleasant surprise as I wasn't expecting the rendering to be going on this week.

The bricking finished off at the end of last week and has been beautifully finished, the white mortar on the dark bricks has turned out really well!

At the end of the week they did the fascia and put the guttering up.

Then this week the roofing went up, mostly in a day there are just a couple of bits on the front that still need to up but it's mostly done!

And then today I went by and the rendering was done and it's looking amazing! The render was the one thing I was most worried about colour wise as it's such a small sample that they give you but it turned out really well!

The only part that hasn't been rendered is this wall inside the portico ... I'm not sure why as yet but I'll chat with our Site Supervisor on Monday and see what is happening there.  I also need to ask him about the extra noggins that where meant to go in for the TV mounts.
They have also started running the internal electrical as well ... so it's been a big week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bricking is nearly finished!

It's been awhile since I've been able to update, we exceeded our download limit last month and trying to upload photos on a slow connection was doing my head in! But we are back to normal speed so it's time to share the bricking progess ...

Windows intalled

Bi-Fold doors installed (no glass)

Kitchen Window splashback in place!
Bricking commenced!

Back Window
Door Frames in (including the cavity sliders inside)

Front bricking in progress

One side nearly done!

At this stage they are hoping for bricking to be finished by this week and have the roofing started as well.