Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Settled!

Well what a month it has been, it has gone by quickly and to say that it has been busy would be an understatement!  We are slowly getting settled and working our way through our list of jobs and also adding more items along the way!

We did get a little worried with all the rain we've had in Adelaide this last month as our storm water system is fully enclosed and reliant on a sump and pump which we have not yet installed, so we did have a bit of a build up of water and mud around our house!

This week our blinds arrived, I was very impressed with their speedy delivery and also with the quality and ease of installation. Mike was able to install them on his own with no hassle at all.  The colour the we chose for the block out matches the colour used on the top shelf of the kitchen and looks good against the other furnishings we have. 

We also got our dining table, dishwasher and washing machine delivered a couple of weeks ago which has helped to finishing things off.  Soon I'll have time to put a few things up on the walls and add some finishing touches.

We've got a work in progress happening with the decking, the outdoor room was finished off today it just needs a stain, and they've started putting the pieces together for the decking in the portico.

Once the decking is complete we will start to look at retaining walls and fencing.  The neighbours on our South side will start building in a couple of months so we'll just start on the Northern side and work our way around.

All in all, it's coming together and we have our first visitors coming for dinner on Sunday which is good timing as our oven is getting fitted tomorrow so I'm cooking a yummy roast for dinner!