Friday, August 19, 2011

Display Home Dizziness!

While I love walking through the pristine display homes that St Clair and Blackwood Park have to offer, it's a very daunting and overwhelming process! And in some cases a little disappointing.

We where mainly looking at front elevations/facades and floor plans to start with, mainly because we want to focus on two things:
1. What we can fit on our block.
2. What type of style we want.
We don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves and into the nitty gritty things, like colours, carpets and cornices, just yet.

Looking at the display homes did help us to decide that we want a completely custom build - none of the floor plans that we saw, both on display and in the booklets provided, suited what we wanted and many of the front elevations have been done before.  We want something that is unique, well as unique as you can get, or at the very least something that wont be mirrored by many of the new homes being built in the surrounding neighbourhood.

We where also a little disappointed in some of the sales people that we spoke with, as soon as we mentioned "11m Frontage" they started using words like "limited" or "just".  These are not words that show any kind of innovation what so ever, most people are too stuck inside their box to think outside of it.  We want someone who can think outside the box and create a home that doesn't just look nice but also functions to the lifestyle that we want.  We wanted someone to tell us that just because we have an 11m frontage doesn't mean we are limited to a single garage or that we have to build two storey ... but sadly this didn't happen.

We did see a lot of different features that appealed to us and while these are things that we will  think of adding in the design phase, it wasn't our main focus for this outing.  We wanted to get started on a floor plan ... so if it isnt' important for the floor plan then it isn't important at this stage ... otherwise we would have completely lost our focus!

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