Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Metricon it is then!

We have got further in two weeks with Metricon than we had in eight months with Precision!

Yesterday we met with Odell by chance at the Mt Barker display centre, it was a cold and rainy Monday afternoon so we where the only ones there and he was able to sit down with us and go through what he had done so far, add what he hadn't had a chance to finish and talk over the things in between.

The floor plan for the Murchison 18 is pretty spot on with what we want and what will suit our needs, there are a few changes here and there that we will make and we toyed with the option of adding some extra space to the bedroom/ensuite and the main family room, but after some discussion and also seeing the extra expense I think we'll most likely keep it as is. 

But it was a good opportunity to go through everything and at the end of the meeting Odell told us he'd email us that night with the revised quote, and sure at 7:00pm the email came through.  This quote was the one that included every add on and upgrade to the most extreme level so that from there we can cut it back, but to my surprise it was only $5-10k over budget ... so there wont be too much cutting which will be nice!

We're going to have a sit down and chat it over tonight, touch base with the bank during the week then most likely pay our initial despot and have the team at the block within the week to start the Engineers report.

So far we're pretty impressed with the process we've made!  Now to tell Precision that we've moved on to another builder ... I'll let Michael have that conversation!

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