Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PCI Complete!!

Are you ready for an overload of photos!?!

View from straight on at the front now that the porta-loo has gone!

Our ensuite double skin and the skins used in both bathrooms

Ensuite framless shower

Main Bathroom frameless shower

Range hood and glass splash back in kitchen (obviously the power points still to be fitted)

Our feature doors, first for the main bedroom, the middle is the cavity slider in the study and last the linen cupboard.

Main bathroom fittings

Under mount Sink

Living Area

Overall we are very happy with the quality of the build, our private building inspector went through this morning and made note of a few things that need to be fixed prior to handover.

- paint touch ups throughout, nothing major though and that's to be expected.
- one of the kitchen drawers needs to be replaced as it's been scratched.
- scratch on the bi-fold doors to be powder coated
- a few touch ups on the staining for the feature doors
- an added door stop in the main bathroom so the door doesn't bang against the cupboard/stone bench.
- bath still to be fitted.
- oven, gas cook top, hot water to be fitted the morning of hand over.
- rain water tank to be fitted.
- the linen cupboard was meant to be finished with the liquorice linea rather than the white but it wasn't overly clear on the selections so understandable why it was missed, they will be replacing these for us.

So overall we are very happy with how everything is looking and have set the date for Monday 3rd June for handover!

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  1. Your house looks fantastic! can i ask what colour paint is used on your render?