Thursday, September 1, 2011

Floor Plans - Take Two

We have a meeting with two builders in a couple of weeks and we would like to have a plan, or at least a very close working of a plan, that we really like. Something that is a good blend of all the things we love and something that we have managed to remove most of the things we don't love.  I've been working on different plans each week trying to come up with different options so that we know what will fit and what we want so that when we go see the builders we can get a quote on something that fits us to a tea.

So here are the designs and what our thoughts are:

Design Features For All Designs:
1. Entrance will be open with high ceilings and we are wanting to be an atrium style so you can look down from the retreat into the entrance.
2. Front door to be a large feature door.
3. Stairs to be wood and possible a nice feature railing.
4. Flooring to be wood or bamboo with carpet in the bedrooms and in attic.
5. Side windows will be high windows to prevent having a pretty view of the fence.
6. Front windows will be long narrow windows and one running the length of wall at the staircase.
7. Feature window in kitchen between the cupboards looking out onto a garden bed.
8. Sliding door in hallway that slides into the wall.
9. Double Garage will be an open but covered carport with the wall extending across as a fence.
10. Alfresco area to have an outdoor gas heater with sliding or bi-fold doors opening out to it.

Design A

Things We Love:
1. The big open entrance.
2. The window/garden at the kitchen.
3. The Attic Retreat!

Things We Like:
1. The big laundry and being able to walk out to the courtyard where the clothes line will be.
2. The side courtyard, but it does mean we sacrifice some of the backyard to let light in the corridor.
3. Double showers in main and ensuite bathrooms.

Things We Dislike:
1. All the house seems to be one sided which means the study can only be used as a study and lacks flexibility.
2. Kitchen is a bit small.
3. Not a lot of storage space and not much room for a shed in the backyard.
4. Not having a window in the main toilet.

Design B

Things We Love:
1. Good Size Rooms
2. Big Walk in Pantry and bigger kitchen
3. Bigger backyard
4. Side Entrance
5. Bigger Study that will be able to double as a gym plus as a fourth room is needed.

Things We Like:
1. The curved hallway to allow for better use of both sides of the house.
2. Having the main bedroom separate from the other bedrooms to allow for less sound travel.

Things We Dislike:
1. Having the vanity in the main bathroom I do prefer having it separate.
2. This design is a bit more traditional then we would like.

Design C

I accidentally cut off the retreat when I cropped this pic but it's still there.
 Things We Love:
1. Having the bathroom and laundry between the bedrooms so it creates a corridor to allow for more storage space.
2. The storage near/under the stairs.

Things We Like:
1. Having the Study and Dining facing onto the courtyard
2. A Larger backyard and alfresco area..

Things We Dislike:
1. Not to sure of the walk in and ensuite will work as they are a bit narrow.
2. The L-Shaped Kitchen, Dining and Living

Design D

This is the same as Design B but with a different bathroom, which I prefer.

So they are the designs that we have at the moment, lets see where we go from here shall we!

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  1. Where did the plans originate from? Which website and designer?