Friday, September 9, 2011

Floor Plans Take Three!

I always knew this part would take awhile, I'm not going to say the longest simply because I'm sure there are things that will take much longer like going through council and then there is the actually building process. But over the weekend we went out to Lightsview and actually took note of room sizes that we liked because before then i had really been rather blind about the sizing of things like the toilet, laundry, bathrooms and I'm not very good at measuring or estimating distances so I was pretty hopeless. 

So we wandered through the houses and took note of how big different area's where and then worked on putting them into a plan that we liked and this is what we come up with:

Now we are meeting with builders in a couple of weeks so lets see what they think and how much we'd be looking at! Fingers crossed it's not much!


  1. Just curious - are you envisioning some sort of sheltered link from the carport to the front porch so when it's raining cats and dogs and you come home with a car full of groceries you don't get saturated bringing them in?

  2. Oh wow I'm so glad you followed me! My husband and I within the next year will be starting our research on the process of building a house. It's great to read someone else on the same journey only 100 steps ahead of us ;)

  3. Toni - While the carport will be open it will still be enclosed and cause we're having eaves there will be shelter for the rainy weather so I wont get drenched going from the car to the front door. The exact logisitics are still to be worked out but it wont be completely detached from the house. :)

    Amanda - It's such a fun process and I'm sure it will become stressful but then everyone told me that wedding planning was stressful and I loved that completely!