Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Starting with Selections

So over the last few weeks we've been visiting display homes and starting to make a selection choices just to make things easier when it comes to all our appointments. 

And these are some of the things we've decided on (that we have photos of), most of these are already included in our final price and wont be at any extra charge once we get to selections. ....

Frontage with feature brick portico and timber finishes

Front Pivot door

Garage Door - this will be an upgrade

Exterior Brick colour

Favourite Kitchen colours

Example of having the dark colours on the bottom and the lighter colours on the top

Floor tiles with the stone top for the kitchen

Our free standing bath

We've also decided on our roofing, fascia and gutters colours.  At the moment we have semi-frame less showers included but we are hoping to upgrade them to frame less depending on how much is spent at selections.



  1. Looks great Kimberley. we have dark colour below nad white on top in our kitchen and it looks amazing :)

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  3. Looks good. Loving the light, neutral tones