Friday, September 21, 2012


Today we had our Tile Selection appointment at Beautmont Tile in Norwood and while I nearly had to go alone thanks to Mike getting an unexpected call into work we still managed to both go and got everything sorted within 90mins!

We are having tiles throughout the main living areas as well as the wet areas, as shown below.

We had allowed for an additional $3,135 in our Preliminary Contract to upgrade to floors from the standard tiles to the porcelain tiles that are shown in their display homes, but what we forgot to account for was that in the bathroom the standard tiling that's included in the build pricing is shower height tiles in the shower, 1.2m around the free standing bath and only a skirting for everywhere else.  So it didn't take long for that extra $3,000 to get swallowed up in tiles!

Our first decision was an easy one ... what floor tiles did we want?

We decided on the Alto Beige as it has a very soft finish to it and a lovely texture throughout.  The following picture is from their display home in Mount Barker and shows it together with the French Nougat stone tops that we are going to choose for the kitchen.

The rest was pretty easy and I was wanting to have the wall tiles in the bathrooms the same as the floor tiles but just jazz it up with a feature wall running along the wall of the shower.  We did have to make a few adjustments when we saw what the final price would be to have floor to ceiling porcelain tiles in both the ensuite and the main bathroom, the final $11,000+ was not in the budget!

So this was our compromise ....

Main Bathroom ...

This was the bathroom we where willing to splash out a bit on especially as we're going to have the free standing bath and frame less showers, we thought spending the extra money on the tiles was certainly worthwhile!  We have the tiles going to shower height with Alto Beige on the floors and three of the walls, the wall that the shower runs along with have the Alto Mocha which has a lovely gloss finish so it's easy to clean but also has a lovely texture within the tile. 

Our Ensuite ...

We didn't mind cutting back in the ensuite as we figure that once we've done the initial house tours people will lot be visiting in there too often.  We kept the Alto Beige for the floors but for the wall tiles we went for their standard range which helped us bring down the costs a lot.  City Beige for most of the walls at a 1.2m height and in the shower alcove we have the Gloss Mocha at shower height.  We still get the look and feel for what we want but at a much more reasonable price.

Laundry and Toilet ...

These areas we weren't too fussed with so we went with the Alto Beige for the flooring and the City Beige for the skirting boards and laundry splash back.

Kitchen ...

Because we have the window splash back in the kitchen there is only a very small portion of tiling that needs doing on the walls.  We kept it very simple with a colour that we can easily match our paint colour to as to not make it more obvious.  So we have the Alto Beige for the flooring throughout the kitchen and the living area, then for the walls we have Alto Eggshell which is a Porcelain tile we figure it's such a small area it was worth having the porcelain to match in with the floors.

Grout Colours ...

Travertine for the tiles that will be near the front door and outside, Havana for the dark feature tils and alabaster for the floors and light wall colours.

And with that our tile selection was complete and we managed to bring the price down from an additional $11k to only $7k which is really only an extra $4k as we'd already budgeted for $3k!

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