Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Home Contract Signed!

Yesterday we had the sign off on our Official New Home Contract and it felt good!!

We received the contract on Friday just like they advised and had the weekend to go over everything.  On the working drawings there where just a few notes that hadn't been removed from past changes and the tile height in the bathrooms hadn't been adjusted to suit our upgrades at Beaumont's.  In the actual contract there where just a few clarifications that we needed to go through, for example out ground storm water is included in the final pricing but on the site plan it notes that these are for us to do after handover. 

The biggest thing we had to discuss was the site works as council has asked that we put in extra soil, originally the plan was to do a 50/50 cut and fill then have a sump pump in the backyard for extra drainage.  But our neighbour has done a lot of extra fill so we are looking at matching him to make the blocks even, this way we wont need to worry about retaining walls and sump pumps etc.  Metircon are going to send someone out to the block this week to investigate the best course of action, and the most cost effective for us.

We should have all the variations discussed yesterday sent out to us early next week and we've arranged an appointment with the bank now that we have our bank pack so we can get the ball rolling on the finance end.  Hopefully ... fingers crossed and all going well ... they are hoping to be on site in Dec and have the slab down before they break on the 16th Dec!


  1. Wonderful news you guys. You'll be breaking dirt before you know it! Good Luck :)

  2. How exciting. It seems we are at the same stage as you...we just got our contracts yesterday. All the best.