Saturday, November 17, 2012

Latest Update

Well despite our best efforts it looks as though things will be kicking off fresh in the New Year. We where originally told that if we had all paperwork signed off on by the end of November then we could have the slab down before they break at Christmas, well yesterday it went from the end of November to Wednesday! Which just wasn't going to happen!

So yesterday I spent the day finalising a few quotes of things we want to include in our home loan and chasing up a few last minute things that Metricon had informed us we needed to do.  One of the things was getting the site re-pegged as someone (namely the person down the street that decided to do donuts on our block and the next door neighbours builder) had removed our two front pegs, this will be an extra $700+.  We also have to arrange to have the site cleared, which we had always just assumed that it was included in the site works as it had never been mentioned as something we'd need to do, so we're getting quotes this weekend, one quote was close to $3,000, due to the dumping fee.

The other thing we need to sort out was that Metricon have said that our upgrades from Beaumonts aren't included in our selections quote, which is not true, as I've highlighted, scanned and emailed it to our Customer Support Coordinator showing her exactly where it's included.  But it seems that email was ignored, so they are getting in touch with Beaumonts to arrange a variation.  I'm just hoping that this doesn't completely confuse everyone and they try to charge us more for upgrades that are already included.

I must admit that this has been my most frustrating time we've had so far and it's simply because we will go close to two weeks without hearing anything then suddenly we get 15+ emails in the matter of a day and a half.  I was just lucky that I had yesterday off to go through everything, as I'm not in a position at work where I can reply and chase up personal emails.  Also as lovely as our Customer Support Coordinator is we hadn't actually met her and built a rapport with her until the day of a final contract signing, all the times we were told that we'd meet her, like at the Studio M selections and air con selections, she never came by.  But we'll get there in the end!

The last few quotes that I've been chasing up where for the concreting for the drive way and front perimeter and also for the decking of the outdoor room and portico.  We've already got our solar panels sorted with the deposit paid, we arranged that at the same time we arranged our Mother-in-Laws so got it at a slightly cheaper rate.

And that it our latest update!  So looks like mid-Jan it will all be going ahead ... lucky it will be here before we know it!

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  1. All the best with the build. We are in the same boat at the moment. Initially we were supposed to start building in December...but I highly doubt we will start until January.