Monday, November 26, 2012

Movement on the Block!

Things are still getting pushed forward to go to site asap, even after being told it likely wouldn't be til next year, they are desperately trying to get us there ... which is exciting!

On Friday we had the site cleared so that once the final approvals are all done with the bank we can get going straight away.  I must admit the original quotes I had from the big companies scared the begeezes out of me, but I found a local company who went to the site before quoting me and said it would be $600 for their time and for dumping that they would go there 2 weeks prior to spray everything and even offered to bring in extra dirt to level us with our neighbour ... all free of charge!  In the end Metricon wanted us to get it cleared asap so they didn't have the time to spray everything but they did a good job with clearing it all and got there within 24hours of my call back. So all up I was very happy!  If your in need of anyone for something similar contact Paul on 0412 454 791.

Now all we have to do is wait for finance to go through this week and we are on track to be on site (and fingers crossed ... slabbed) before Christmas break!!

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